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The Netherlands
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K. Chr. Steen GmbH & Co

Technoship BV has been exclusive agent for K. Chr. Steen GmbH & Co deck machinery since 1969. K. Chr. Steen GmbH & Co (also trading under the name "Steen GmbH" or STEEN), was established in 1893 and has since become one of the world's leading manufacturers of deck machinery such as Anchor and Mooring equipment (windlasses, anchor capstans, chainstoppers, mooring rollers, rope stoppers), Cargo handling equipment, Towing equipment and special (custom made) constructions. Its products are world class and a true example of "Deutsche gründlichkeit"; made to last (some in use for more than 50 years).

Examples of vessels that rely on Steen deck equipment are superyachts (100+ meters in length), megayachts, merchant ships, navy vessels, towing vessels, workboats and special crafts such as research ships, (arctic) explorer & oceanographic vessels, search & rescue vessels, Navy vessels, barges, dredgers and offshore units.

Its in-house (university trained) engineers & designers thrive at designing the best custom solutions. All staff receive in-house training to maintain quality and workmanship of the highest standards. This guarantees that Steen equipment is not only robust and reliable (=dependable) but also user friendly (and simple to install for shipyards). Its sophisticated in-house quality control systems deliver tested and (Class) certified systems prior to delivery at yards worldwide.


Anchoring Equipment

for 12.5 mm to 76 mm stud-link chain
  • Windlasses
  • Combined Windlass/Mooring Winches
  • Anchor Capstans
  • Hand-operated Windlasses
  • Chain Stoppers

Cargo-Handling Equipment

Capacity: 0.5 to 400 kN
  • Cargo Winches
  • Heavy-Cargo Winches
  • Topping Winches
  • Slewing Winches
  • Hand-operated Cargo Winches
  • Hand-operated Topping Winches
  • Davit Winches
  • Boat Winches
  • Accommodation Ladder Winches

Mooring Equipment

Capacity: 0.5 to 360 kN
  • Automatic Mooring Winches
  • Non-automatic Mooring Winches
  • Hand-operated Mooring Winches
  • Capstans
  • Rope Storage Reels
  • Mooring Chocks, Clamps, Bitts
  • Mooring Rollers
  • Fairleads
  • Rope Stoppers

Towing Equipment

Capacity: 10 to 500 kN
  • Towing Winches
  • Towing Bridle Winches
  • Special Constructions
  • Boat and Deck Cranes
  • Friction Winches
  • Rope Storage Winches
  • Dredger Winches
  • Slip Winches
  • Auxiliary Winches
  • Oceanographic Winches
  • Anchor Sliding Devices