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Ultra Fog AB

Fires require three basic elements: fuel (e.g. the object), oxygen (O2) and heat. High pressure watermist systems (100-120 bar) are designed to kill fire by suppressing two of those vital variables: (1) blocking heat (cooling through a cloud of tiny droplets absorbs heat) and (2) oxygen (tiny droplets block easy and direct access to O2).

Conventional sprinklers are best compared to showers. To kill fires sprinklers are slow and create significant damage to property, business continuity & reputation. By using Ultra Fog watermist systems, the damage is kept to an absolute minimum. The systems safety and effectiveness is testified by class and other global certifying authorities.

Ultra Fog system is uniquely efficient(*1) and widely recognized as the worlds' single most efficient system available on the market; their extinguishing effect in relation to the (small) amount of water required is exceptionally high with a reliability that is second to none. Its application is relied upon in the maritime world (e.g. superyacht, megayachts, offshore, high voltage transformer platforms, cruise ships, navy vessels etc.) as well as in land applications such as those for buildings (offices, hotels, hospitals, data centers, storage rooms, garages), industry applications (factories, machinery spaces, productions halls, warehouses, storage, food industry), fine art & crafts (museums, galleries, fine art protection), energy (high voltage transformer spaces/ rooms, windmill and turbines), transport sectors (engines, trucks, containers, tunnels, stations, trains, subways) to name just a few.

Why choose Ultra Fog system above others?

  • Low water consumption & high cooling effect
  • Protect up to 48m2 with 1 nozzle (saves installation costs)
  • Reduced piping dimension (saves material costs)
  • Low system weight (saves operational costs)
  • Flexible design
  • Bulb nozzles can be individually tested (no leakage, saves time & cost)
  • Type approved for multiple applications
  • Environmentally friendly & responsible
  • Global distribution and aftersales

Ultra Fog prides itself for being the 'Best in Class' and innovative market leader, setting the standards for others to follow and is since 1989 represented by Technoship.



Ultra Fog High pressure watermist systems
  • Installation
    MARINE applications, all tested and approved (MED, LrOS, major classification org.)
    • IMO res.A800(19) and IMO Res MSC 265(84) [accommodation areas, public areas, stores and service areas]
    • IMO MSC/Circ. 847 [dry-pipe system with activation by detectors instead of glassbulb]
    • IMO MSC/Circ. 1165, MSC.1/Circ. 1269 and MSC.1/Circ. 1386 [machinery spaces total flooding, incl. bilge]
    • IMO MSC/Circ. 913 [machinery spaces local application]
    • IMO MSC 1272 [RORO-decks and special category spaces]
    • IMO MSC 1268 [protection of balconies]
    • ISO 15371 [galley cooking equipment incl. fat fryers]
    Class 1 rated according to NFPA, USA. Compliant to CEN/TS 14972 VDS and NFPA 750.
    • FM 5560 [gas turbine < 260 m3 and > 260 m3]
    • FM 5560 [light hazard occupancies]
    • CEN/TS 14972 VDS [ordinary hazards OH1, OH2, OH3 and OH4]
    • SP method 4912 [fire suppression systems on vehicles (buses, coaches, vans, cars)]
    • MED and ISO 15371 [protection of galley cooking equipment]
  • Maintenance
  • Certified annual service
  • (Spare-) parts
  • Fire detection and alarm systems

CATEF s.r.l.

  • FM200 systems
  • Gaseous Halon Replacement (FM200, NOVEC; FE-227, FE-25)
  • CO2 High Pressure and Powder based (fixed and portable) fire suppression systems
  • Engineered HFC227 Fire Suppression Systems (for engine rooms)
  • NOVEC engineered fire suppression systems
  • Fire detection and alarm systems
  • Type approved Marine Fire Dampers (A-60)
    - air control dampers
    - fire dampers
    - ventilation and Mist Separators
  • Pre-engineered gaseous fire protection systems for accommodation and machinery spaces, MED and USCG approved.

*1) 1 liter water to produce more than 1.700 liters of watermist.